Join us at the 2014 SoCAL World Guitar Show January 25-26

It’s that time of year again–our favorite vintage guitar show is just around the corner. As usual, we’ll have a double booth packed with the cream of our inventory. We’ve met a lot of great people at this event over the last seven years–famous (and not yet famous) rockers of all varieties, manufacturers of cool gear from pickups to stompboxes to amps and transformers, the best of the west-coast vintage dealers, members of various online communities (including the Gretsch Discussion Pages, TDPRI, the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum, the Fender Forum, the Les Paul Forum, and more), the legendary R.C. Allen, and, of course, a whole bunch of really nice guitar players. It’s always good to see our old friends like the guys from Antique Electronic Supply (a.k.a. Tubes and More), Kennard and Leo from Intermountain Guitar and Banjo, and Steve Swan (if fine vintage Gibson acoustics are your thing, be sure to check out his site).

To say we have a blast at this event every year is a bit of an understatement. So please come and find us–you’re welcome to pick up any of our guitars and put it through its paces. And even if you don’t find your perfect guitar at our booth, we can almost guarantee that some other dealer will have just what you’re looking for. And we know that from experience–we buy several guitars at this event every year. And speaking of buying, we’d also love to make you an offer on any cool gear you’re interested in selling.

We’re sad that there will not be a Deke Dickerson Guitar Geek Festival this year–it was a great way to unwind after a day of guitar sales. If you didn’t make it to one of Deke’s shows, we’re not sure that words can adequately describe what you missed. Let’s just say that its absence leaves a hole that may never be filled for the in-the-know members of the vintage show and NAMM crowds–Deke (and a lot of other people and sponsors) poured their hearts and souls into an event that was absolutely unlike anything else we’ve ever attended. That said, we’ll do our best to drown our evening sorrows with great food at our favorite Cuban restaurant in Costa Mesa, Habana on Bristol Street. If you happen to see three guys there who look like they’ve been standing on a concrete floor all day, come on over to our table, have a drink with us, and swap guitar some stories.

The SoCAL World Guitar Show is held January 24 (dealers only) and January 25-26 (general public) at the Orange County Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa. Complete information is available at:

Come on down!