The Aardvarkers exhibit guitars at the 2011 Moab Folk Festival

The weekend of November 4-6, 2011, brought showers and unexpectedly cold weather to the normally temperate Moab environs in southeastern Utah. But a bit of inclement weather wasn’t enough to undermine the enthusiasm of the many attendees, performers, and volunteers who turned out to listen to a range of top-drawer talents at the 2011 Moab Folk Festival.

Drizzly conditions prompted organizers to move the festival’s daytime performances from the Moab ball field to the town’s high school auditorium and foyer, but the event remained festive and the operators of Aardvark Guitars had a great time talking to and picking a few tunes with the many talented performers and audience members. We also sold a number of guitars and other stringed instruments, including a very cool vintage Kay mandolin, an early ‘60s Gretsch Double Anniversary, a numinous Mills guitar that we had on consignment, and a cool silverface Fender Princeton amp. Singer/songwriter Steve Forbert, one of the festival’s featured talents and a very nice guy, tried out and eventually succumbed to the charms of a beautiful thinline Telecaster.

To find out more about this very well-organized and entertaining festival, click here. And yes, Aardvark Guitars plans to be back next year. It’s quickly become one of our favorite fall music events and is definitely worth checking out.