About Us

Aardvark Guitars is a Utah-based dealer that was started by several vintage enthusiasts with a desire to share their passion for playing, repairing, and collecting guitars, resonators, mandolins, and basses, as well as tube amps, with you, our fellow tone connoisseurs.

At Aardvark, we value variety. That’s why we strive to carry everything from majestic examples of old-time American craftsmanship to affordable instruments that are known for producing one truly great low-fi sound. Because no one guitar can do it all, we understand the urge to own — and play — both a plywood plank and an elegant jazz box or dreadnought.

If you’re interested in a particular instrument, call or email us for a detailed review. We’ll gladly take the time to answer your questions and help you make the right selection. Because we know if we treat you right this time around, you’ll think of us when it’s time for your next acquisition. We also maintain a want list, so let us know what you’re looking for.

At Aardvark Central we’re always buying rare, cool, or just plain vibey instruments. If you’re considering selling a guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass guitar, fiddle or similar string instrument, call us. We also regularly take trades, so let us know what you have and let’s see if we can do some horse-trading.

Finally, since we’re always getting new instruments, we invite you to check back in often and subscribe to our RSS feeds. Through an unlikely series of fortuitous events, we have recently discovered a trove of vintage instruments that reputedly came out of the massive collection of Earl “Buck” Dexter, an unjustifiably obscure pioneer in the history of rock ‘n’ roll, country, and R ‘n’ B, who was arguably the first vintage guitar enthusiast (according to one account, he started collecting as far back as 1956). As we work on confirming the provenance of these rare instruments, we’ll post photos, handbills, audio files and footage of this talented and underappreciated guitarist.


 Aardvark Guitars
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