Aardvark at the SoCal vintage show: On the road

The hardest part of any guitar show is the preparation (and in this case, the drive). We began restringing guitars two weeks ago in preparation for the Southern California World Guitar Show that starts tomorrow. After checking out each guitar, making sure it had fresh strings, cleaning pots if necessary, and giving each thorough cleaning, we we ready to pack. Other dealers may have their fancy trailers, ultra-tall vans, or box trucks. But we’re cowboys from Utah, so we travel in a classic 1993, full-size Chevy Suburban with 275,000 miles. It’s a little bit like seeing how many clowns you can stuff into a Volkswagen Beetle, only in our case it’s seeing how many guitars and amps we can jam into a Suburban while leaving room for the three Aardvark partners. This year, we managed to fit six amplifiers and nearly 50 guitars. Yup, no one wanted to be the passenger in the cramped back seat–something about having guitar cases poking you in the back of the head.

After a long drive, we had a great Cuban meal at the Habana. We’re looking forward to the show, and hope you can drop by and say hi.