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Recently rebound by the vastly talented Curtis Wilson of Old School Guitars, this classic-era Gretsch sounds both assertive and burly, which may be explained by the fact that its original Filter’Tron pickups measure close to 4.5k ohms, when most Gretsches of a similar vintage are loaded with pickups that measure closer to 4.0k ohms.

There is some wear on the gold plating, but nothing dramatic, and the original pickguard is crack-free. If you’d ever heard of an obscure Brit guitarist named George Harrison, then you already have a very good idea of what this guitar sounds like. If you insist on more detail, we’ll simply say that we consider this the best-sounding Gretsch we’ve had through the shop. Plus, you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing this Gent was rebound just last summer by the very best in the business, so you can enjoy a lifetime of great Gretsch sound, without having to worry about the insidious binding rot that afflicts so many mid-’60s Gretsch guitars.

Ships in original case that is structurally sound and in very good condition. $3300