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A true “under-the-bed” find, we bought this round neck Dobro from a 78-year-old gentleman who had received it as a gift from his mother when he was a boy growing up in Los Angeles. According to the detailed history he provided us, his mother dreamed that her only son would become a western entertainer. Her hopes were never realized—he seldom touched the instrument—but his own children did “fool about on it,” and his son at one point installed a nut extender to play the guitar lap style for a high school talent show, back in the mid-1960s. The longtime owner recently remarried and, as he and his new bride began to consolidate their two households, he rediscovered the instrument, still in its original case, literally under his bed. The guitar has typical headstock and body-edge wear and the hinge on the metal tailpiece was replaced long ago with a replacement ingeniously fashioned by a local welder. Also, at some point, the original owner neatly and fairly unobtrusively painted in the fretboard position numbers (see photo). During the past 80-odd years, the neck has shifted some, as these old unreinforced necks most often did, resulting in an elevated action. Therefore, unless you opt for a neck reset, this instrument's highest purpose will be for slide. Happily, it's ideally suited for that role—if you like to unleash torrents of notes in an Uncle Josh Graves fashion, grab a bullet bar and this guitar sounds like it was voiced for old-timey, lap-style chordal breaks. And if you’re more into slow, shimmering bottleneck lines, this is also an excellent roots ‘n’ blues vehicle, with an absolutely seductive neck and an appealingly raspy voice. It’s seldom we come across vintage dobros that haven’t been heavily modified. Other than the replacement tailpiece hinge and the "customized" fretboard position numbers, here’s one in a cool original black finish that's all original with a great history. It also sounds terrific. As one of our friends is fond of saying, “What could be wrong with that?” To which we reply, in this case, absolutely nothing. $1300