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You say you’ve been looking for a stunningly beautiful Gibson ES-330 in truly amazing condition that sounds stellar and includes an equally clean hardshell case? Well, you need look no further. We have found your instrument.

This is the cleanest 1962 Gibson we've ever plugged into an amp. Take your time reviewing the many photos, which reveal that the guitar is virtually unplayed, with almost no fretwear and no significant dings or mars. What’s more, it sounds stupendous—with extended lows, miry mids, and sumptuous highs. In short, the P-90s on this guitar deliver a range of inspiring tones, and the neck is a comfortable mid-size profile typical of Gibson in this era.

At some point in the primordial past, the one and only prior owner inscribed his driver license number on the back of the headstock. We have left it there because (a) frankly, removing it would make a mess; and (b) it serves as kind of a cautionary indicator for what you shouldn’t do to your guitar in this more enlightened age. With that said, the inscription is unobtrusive and carefully applied.

As noted above, this guitar ships in an equally pristine original hardshell case. $4500