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Because this guitar came to us with no badge or logo, we had to do some detective work to determine its origin. However, certain details, such as the gold foil pickup and “towel rack” string retainer provide some clues and we’re almost certain it started life in the Teisco factory circa 1965-’69. The guitar has a simple bar bridge but nevertheless intonates very accurately. It’s got a comfy neck, simple electronic circuitry that works flawlessly, and other than a few minor dings concentrated on the headstock area, is in very good condition. Every time we pick this guitar up, we immediately gravitate toward the “inspired primitive” school of guitar playing (hence the name). In our estimation, icons like Link Wray would sound right at home on this simple, appealing plank. Ships in a newer gigbag. Vintage Mad Magazine sticker on the back included at no extra charge! $175