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Nearly every Princeton we sell ends up in a recording studio. There’s something so perfect about the volume, tone, and the amp's ability to create burnished, highly detailed tone, in which every nuance can be savored in almost three-dimensional glory. A Google image search for Heartbreaker Mike Campbell's stage and studio rigs will return numerous photos of the pair of blackface Princetons he has long used with Tom Petty. Princetons are small, lightweight, pack a surprisingly robust 15 watts, and provide crunch at friendly volume levels.

Check the photos to see how pristine the electronics are: One electrolytic has been changed in the bias supply. Otherwise, this super-clean amp is all original with two exceptions: The speaker has been replaced with a 1965 Jensen P12Q that was reconed by Ted Weber, and the grill cloth has been expertly replaced using actual 1966 Fender cloth salvaged from a Bassman cabinet.

So what are you waiting for? This amp sounds GREAT and is ready and waiting to provide you with a healthy dose of 6V6-fueled tonal tonic for another 45 years. $1300