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Have you ever wondered how archeologist Howard Carter felt in 1922 when he first thrust his torch into the darkness of King Tut’s tomb? We felt a similar adrenalin rush when we opened the case of this remarkably preserved 1960 Gretsch Double Anniversary. Not only was the guitar a thing of superior beauty, but the accessory compartment yielded several additional treasures, including a vintage pitch pipe and ‘70s-approved wide leather strap (both of which we will pass on to the next owner). The guitar itself is in beautiful condition and has all of the hallmarks of an early-‘60s Anni: Rosewood fretboard, neo-classic position markers, a stunning sunburst that makes you feel like you could walk right into it, G arrow knobs, a Space Control bridge, and a pair of ultra-versatile HiLo’Tron pickups. Everything is completely original and there is no evidence of the dreaded Gretsch binding rot. In fact, the most obvious sign of wear is that the color has worn through on the back of the neck. The instrument has a rock-solid neck joint, a great-feeling neck, and wonderful action. If you appreciate a stunningly beautiful guitar and love the unique, full-range sound of HiLo’Trons, this your instrument. Seriously. Ships in original grey Gretsch hardshell case. $2000