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A bit of a Frankenstein, this SG has been refinished in a striking blue metal flake finish. (The quality of the paint job is pretty good, if not quite up to a professional standard.) The neck appears stable and there are none of the dreaded SG headstock or body joint breaks, but there is a small surface crack in the neck joint. The tuners have been swapped out for Schallers with Pearloid buttons. Similarly, the stock strap buttons were swapped out for Schaller straplocks. The guitar is outfitted with a replacement pearloid pickguard, homemade pearloid surrounds for the pickups and a homemade pearloid trussroad cover. It is loaded with Kent Armstrong replacement pickups. All electronics, knobs, and the selector switch are replacements. The bridge and stop tailpiece, however, are original. The guitar sounds good, in a boisterously flashy way. Clearly, the previous owner had a thing for pearl appointments and larger-than-life guitar tones. Ships in a non-original rectangular hardshell case that is festooned with period rock ā€™nā€™ roll stickers. $450