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We purchased this remarkably clean amp from an old cowboy who had treated it as his pride and joy from the day he bought it new back in 1979—it meant enough to him that he put his name and social security number on both the front and back panels. To protect him from any potential problems, we’ve obscured the number in the photos (and then gently removed a couple of digits from the amp with a Dremel tool). This amp is capable of a truly surprising number of tones—and enough volume to gig in good-sized venues. The master volume lets you dial in beefy distortion at reasonable levels—which can be pretty handy when you’re playing through an 80-watt amp in your front room. The amp’s great for straight-up rock, it does blues to perfection with the neck pickup of either a Strat or a Les Paul, and it’s great for spanky-clean Buck Owens style country. What surprised us the most was when we plugged in an acoustic guitar and began to fingerpick some blues—it was like we could hear the ghosts of Peidmont calling us. It was definitely a more accurate acoustic tone than any electric guitar amp has a right to produce. The former owner added casters (hey, we’d do the same thing) and screwed a cord retainer to the back panel—you can see the screw hole in the tolex in the photo of the speakers. One speaker has been reconed by the good folks at WeberVST. Otherwise, the amp is squeaky clean and all-original. Comes with original slip cover, which may help to explain its exceptional condition. The 1962 Gibson Melody Maker is, unfortunately, not included in the purchase price. Because this amp is heavy and expensive to ship, we would prefer local pickup, but would consider shipping if someone asks nicely enough. $1,000