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What is it about Brazilian rosewood that so captivates us? Is it the fact that due to long-ago overharvesting for implements like toothpicks and hand tools, it is now rare and almost unattainable? Certainly. Or its seductive, cocoa-colored grain? No doubt. Or the fact that many players swear they can hear a discernible tonal difference between Brazilian and East Indian rosewood? That too. Regardless of the reasons, there is no question that for many players, the combination of Brazilian rosewood back and sides with a spruce top yields unparalleled results. This D-28 has been well-loved, but it still has years of jams, concerts, and recording sessions ahead of it. The tone is robust, with the expected hefty bass, ringing mids and singing highs. Picked hard, with a heavy flatpick, the guitar compresses just so and projects a wide-open bluegrass bite. Picked softly, this instrument is soft, sensuous and seductive. Ebony fingerboard, 1 11/16ths” nut, nicely figured Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Top has repaired cracks and replaced bridge and bridge plate. At some point in its long and no doubt eventful history, this guitar also suffered a headstock break that was solidly, if inelegantly, repaired. When we acquired the guitar, Steve cleaned up the prior repair, ascertained that it is still structurally solid and also polished the frets and cleaned up the nut slots. He also reglued one loose top brace. Comes with a new, high-quality TKL hardshell case. $3575.