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During a relatively short period that began in the late 1960s and ended in 1984, Stuart Mossman and his crew of devoted artisans built high-quality acoustic guitars in the nation’s heartland (Winfield, Kansas, to be precise). Although exact numbers are hard to come by, it’s probably safe to say that the small Mossman shop produced only about 6,000 instruments during that time, which helps to explain why they are relatively rare in the used market. Similar to a Martin D-35, this Great Plains combines a beautiful three-piece Indian rosewood back with a spruce top. The guitar really does sound like the best D-35 we’ve ever encountered, with steroidal lows, muscular mids, and three-dimensional highs. Although not Taylor-slim, the neck is a comfortable “c” profile that feels immediately welcoming and familiar. Recently back from a refret and neck reset. The bridge may have been shaved at some point in the long-ago past, but there’s still some saddle left, so we’re not entirely sure. In any event, the guitar sounds exactly like you’d want a Mossman to sound like. Ships in a newer TKL hardshell case. $1500.