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If you’re like us, that first magical breath of spring is enough to bring relief from winter dysthymia. And now that longer days have arrived and you’re outside grilling your favorite menu items on the barbecue, what better way than to inspire your friends and repel your pesky, dinnertime-arriving neighbors than to purchase this very cool 1965 Gretsch 6120 Nashville—the ideal guitar to satiate your appetite for tasty tone?

This 6120’s beautiful burnished orange finish reminds us of our favorite sweet potato stuffing while its fast, slim neck and excellent condition frets are as welcoming as a home-cooked entree. And as for sound? We’d say that the well-seasoned mids and smoky lows will inspire your imagination like a well-paired Riesling with roast chicken (but you just might liken them to your favorite Angus burger washed down with a draft beer).

We can see it now—you’re sitting on your favorite armless chair, Gretsch draped in your lap, with an extra long cord (sorry, not included) strung across the patio and into the house where your amp resides. Meanwhile fireflies flicker, there’s shrimp (or heck, even tofu) on the BBQ, and a bevy of your favorite beverages nearby in the ice-filled cooler. Your friends marvel at your ability to execute perfect Chet Atkins’ maneuvers while simultaneously grilling the shrimp (or heck, even tofu) to perfection. And as you embark on yet another perfect spring evening of food, camaraderie and Gretsch-fueled music, you say quietly, mostly to yourself, “Thanks, Aadvark, for making this all possible by selling me this cool 1965 Gretsch 6120 Nashville in very good plus condition in its original logo case.”

To which you can almost hear us reply, “It’s our pleasure.”

From the very rare 1965 batch of 200 guitars (serial numbers 76650-76850) that featured open-cover Filtertrons.