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Loaded with a pair of DeArmond “diamond” pickups, this all-original sunburst beauty was among Silvertone’s most celebrated models. This example is all original, except that we replaced the worn bridge with a newer, adjustable model.

Paired with an overdrive pedal , the lead pickup produces convincing 1960s psychedelic snarl (think Moby Grape or Quicksilver Messenger Service). Cleaned up, the pickup is smooth and chiming—ideal for single-note lines and chord melody (think John Fogerty’s iconic “Proud Mary” solo). With the tone control dialed back, the neck pickup yields a rumbling mammoth roar, but with a mere twist of the tone knob, the neck pickup is surprisingly articulate and well-defined—great for Curtis Mayfieldish clean rhythms.

Ships in its original two-tone black-and-cream case that includes the seat belt for safe transport. $700