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A limited edition model from Fender Japan, this instrument sports a number of unusual features including gold hardware, an unusually figured maple neck and block fingerboard inlays.

Whether you’re tremolo picking on the low “e” string like Dick Dale, palm muting arpeggios on “Walk, Don’t Run” in tribute to the Ventures, or pounding through a crowd favorite like “Penetration,” this instrument fits the bill. The stock Lace pickups sound great plugged directly into an amp and also take pedals well. We particularly liked this guitar with a tremolo pedal and touch of TS-9.

Jimi Hendrix once famously sang, “You’ll never to listen to surf music again.” That prediction, as we know, proved to be inaccurate. If you like surf music (and who doesn’t?), this is the instrument to get the job done.

Ships in a non-original semi-hardshell Roadrunner case. $1200