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Frankly, it has always mystified us here at ’Vark Central that Guild’s electric guitars are not more widely heralded. Starfires, X-500s, Nightbirds and S-100s are among the least hyped of the classic “Big Manufacturer” guitars of the past half-century. They’re also reliably good (sometimes verging on great) instruments that can be had a relatively affordable prices.

All of which brings us to this very cool late-’90s S-100 with an attractively faded finish, which we would describe as vanilla custard on its way to banana pudding. Play this guitar long enough to develop even a casual acquaintance, and you’ll understand why Kim Thayil from Soundgarden made this his signature instrument—it can convincingly do everything from SG-style bite on the lead pickup to rotund Mick Taylor-approved wails on the neck pickup. A few slight chips on headstock (see photo), else very good. Ships in a non-original TKL hardshell case. $900