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If you’ve ever wanted to experience the refined fun of playing a quality (yet affordable!) archtop, but didn’t want to be troubled by those pesky extra bass strings flopping around, this tenor guitar is the ideal instrument for your purposes. Part of Harmony’s higher-end Marquis series, this guitar has a number of luxurious appointments, including a faux-tiger-striped top, real (not painted-on) binding, and an elegant “M” embossed on the pickguard. Speaking of which, the pickguard has suffered a minor crack, but is otherwise solid. The guitar sounds like a prototypical archtop—even with only four strings, the tone is effulgent, or radiant, and corpulent, or fat. The neck, however, is slim and easy to navigate. The frets are still in great shape and the body, other than minor dings, is in equally fine condition. Under ordinary circumstances, all of the above would be enough to sell the guitar. But in this case, there’s even more! This tenor is equipped with a vintage set of great-sounding Regency pickups. Our on-line sleuthing failed to turn up anything on this brand, but from their design, they certainly appear to be at least DeArmond-influenced (and possibly of DeArmond origin). This is the only Harmony Marquis we’ve ever seen in a tenor configuration, let alone the only one with a cool set of aftermarket Regency pickups. Buy it now or miss out and forever regret your slothful delay! Ships in a non-original but kinda vintage chipboard case. $550