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Although manufactured in Italy, this guitar was named for a World War II-era British fighter plane. Speaking of which, if this blurb was running in one of today’s popular English guitar magazines, we’d undoubtedly be reading a description something like the following: No seven-stone weakling, this lightweight guitar is something of a wildman, producing some of our favourite tones—everything from gritty, plummy, thick-toned, meaty sounds to pure, gentle and caressing lead lines. Indeed, we were gobsmacked by the seemingly limitless tonal possibilities of this raging Hurricane, which quickly became a favourite around our office. The single-core pickups are wound to produce unmistakable, slightly nasal Strat-type tones, but not at the expense of sustain. In fact, its sparkly, atmospheric tone isn’t all that dissimilar from a Strat of the same era. In all, it wouldn’t be cheese and chalk to describe this as a characterful-sounding guitar. (American translation of above): Buy this instrument for its cool, ‘60s-approved tones! Blocked tremolo (our efforts to locate the correct Metric spring in the U.S. were unsuccessful), else unmodified and fully functional. Includes original case. A few surface dings and minor scratches, otherwise 8/10 condition. $500.