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Roomy lows, bright but slightly scooped mids, and irrepressible highs—even blindfolded, any experienced player would immediately recognize that this guitar has all the characteristics of a good Martin dreadnought. The 1970s may have been a dark period in this venerated manufacturer’s history, but even during that time, the company produced some superior instruments—and we buy one whenever we encounter it.

We’ve already described the tone of this guitar, but at the risk of repeating ourselves we might add that the instrument is well-voiced with a particularly broad tonal scope and no indication of distortion when driven hard. We generally string our acoustics with light-gauge strings and make up for it with a heavy pick, but this guitar also responds well to a medium set. A neck reset may be called for in the future, but for now, this instrument’s action and tone are superlative.

A barely evident plug on one side betrays evidence of an old input jack. Replaced pickguard, which may be why there are no cracks or breaks. The top has yellowed to a very appealing amber hue. With period-correct hardshell case. $1800