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The 1970s were infamous as the era of pet rocks, mood rings, and Battle of the Network Stars (Google it). But things weren't all bad, as this SG-200 so vividly demonstrates. This body and neck are maple, finished in a walnut hue that makes them look like mahogany. The pickups are Melody Maker-style single coils that sound great, lending the guitar a bit of Fender-style snarl in a 22-fret set-neck package that is unmistakably Gibson. In an easily reversible mod, the original Klusons were long ago replaced by a set of Grovers (wasn't that legally required back then?). Otherwise all-original. Some minor dings and playwear, but nothing out of the ordinary in a guitar that will be 40 years old in a few months. The neck is rock-solid. Gibson shipping totals indicate that fewer than 2500 SG-200s were produced in this finish. Be the only player in your circle to own one. Ships in a non-original faux-alligator chipboard case. $750