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If you’re the type to veer a bit off the beaten path in your search for a classic western swing, big band, or uptown blues guitar, this may be the perfect instrument. On clean settings, it delivers balanced, dynamic tones that are ideal for playing chord melody arrangements of your favorite standards. Overdriven a bit, it yields a punchy bite while retaining good detail and note definition. Perfect for muscular B.B. King-style bends and vibrato. When we first got this guitar, it suffered from severe binding rot. We were able to repair and preserve the back binding and much of the binding on the headstock. However, the top binding has been carefully replaced (see photo). In addition, the elevated pickguard shows some fading and the mounting hardware may be a later addition. However, the guitar is in otherwise remarkable condition, with almost no finish wear. The frets have plenty of life, the electronics function perfectly, and the original cloud fingerboard inlays are still luminous. Beautifully figured maple top, back and sides. One cracked pickup mounting ring (see photo) that does not in any way impair the performance of the original New York model pickups. Comes with the still-solid original Lifton “Built Like a Fortress” case, which bears a tag from the Sterchi Music Co., Terre Haute, Indiana. Currently strung with 11-56 nickel-wound strings, though we have experimented with flatwounds as well, with good results. A remarkable guitar in very good-plus condition. $3200