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Except for the expected dings and scrapes (what we think of as “beauty spots” here at ’Vark central), this guitar is in very good condition. The finish and the back of the neck have some lacquer checking and the tip of the pickguard on the top bout is missing (see photo), but the frets are still in fine shape and the electronics all function perfectly.

This is an early example (serial # 10576_) and sounds great—twangy in a surf-approved way on the neck pickup and bright but not piercing on the treble pickup. Two of us saw the Blasters back in the day, with roots-rock hero Dave Alvin owning the stage playing a vintage Fender Mustang. He may have since graduated to a very cool blonde vintage Stratocaster, but for our money, the Mustang sounded equally good.

Will buying the Mustang make you sound like Dave Alvin? You probably won’t dignify that question with a response, but one thing’s for sure —in general, the Mustang has earned its fast-growing reputation as an affordable alternative to Fender’s more celebrated models. A good Mustang (like this one!) is a joy to play and sounds great in a band context. Ships in original hardshell case. $1750