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In a variation of the old chicken-or-the-egg debate, guitarists love to argue whether the classic itinerant Delta bluesmen of the 1920s and ’30s played relatively modest instruments because that’s all they could afford, or whether they were drawn to those types of guitars because they produced the loud, guttural tones that worked well for the rough ’n’ tumble styles these musicians (and their audiences) favored. One thing is certain, these instruments were loud, affordable and easily replaced. After all, if you were working a constant circuit of juke joints and porch parties, would you want to be all worried about whether your nicely polished Gibson was going to get battered and broken? We thought not. Which brings us to this cool birch Radio Tone, complete with its stenciled headstock logo, narrow bout, and Hawaiian slide set up. Hey, this guitar exudes cool and produces some pretty nifty earth tones. The combination of flat slide action and solid neck joint means that this will remain the perfect traveling companion as you go down to the fern bar (today’s version of a juke joint) or the local blues society’s Sunday picnic (the modern equivalent to a porch party) to sing ’n’ play your blues away. Has a repaired and cleated crack. Ships in a vintage chipboard case. $250